Github Pages action fails at "Pull down action image ''"

I’ve tried creating two separate Github Page repos, and I get the same error on both:

Pull down action image ''
  /usr/bin/docker pull
  v1.0.3: Pulling from actions/jekyll-build-pages
  eff15d958d66: Pulling fs layer
  056fdbce372a: Waiting
  error pulling image configuration: download failed after attempts=1: unauthorized: unauthenticated: User cannot be authenticated with the token provided.
  Warning: Docker pull failed with exit code 1, back off 1.605 seconds before retry.

This error is repeated a couple of times, and results in the build returning this error:

Error: Docker pull failed with exit code 1

The failing jobs:
pages build and deployment · jonacme/

pages build and deployment · jonacme/lule@ce6c3e6 (

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This seems like a duplicate of: Github pages build action fails with internal docker pull error

– note: I’m having the same problem :wink:

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Same problem here, I think that must be why

Investigating - We are investigating reports of degraded performance for GitHub Pages.
Jun 22, 12:12 UTC

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Thanks for letting me know! Now it works again. :slight_smile:

yup, it’s fixed by now, I’ve responded to several users too and it’s good to know they are all fixed by now