GitHub Pages - 404 Error

Hello, I am attempting to publish a new site with GitHub pages. Ironically, I have successfully achieved this before. I have researched and followed recommended actions such as adding a .nojekyll file and eliminated the README file, but, unfortunately still no luck. Also, when I run npm run deploy it compiles successfully, I input my password, and says the page is published. Again, I have done this before so I can’t help but think it is a simple fix, but have tried much. Help would be greatly appreciated and the code can be found here: GitHub - Dustymick/portfolioreact2

Hello and welcome here!

It seems you have enabled Pages for the main branch of your repository instead of for the gh-pages branch (where I see you have your compiled assets living).

That means I can for instance access your package.json file right here.

I suggest going to the Pages settings and swapping the branch to gh-pages (if this is what you intend to get deployed).

Hope that helps!


Hello and thank you for your timely response!

Thank you for looking into this and thank you for assistance. Yes, that change made got the page up and working!

Thanks again!