Github Pages 404 assets not found - Blank Page

Alright so firstly, these are the repositories:
The original Vue-cli project:
After running npm run build, I’ve copied the contents of the dist folder under my teacher’s guidance, and made a new repository:
Both repositories are deployed, the original only shows the readme, and the issue happens on the second.
It gives me errors type 404 regarding the assets, and it’s ignoring the configured public path I’ve set in vue.config.js as I show below:


I’ve got no idea what I’m doing wrong. Originally I followed tutorial, yet this creates a new branch in my original project that I’ve got to deploy-

Yet, this gives EXACTLY the same issue. Blank page, no assets found. I know from these console logs that it’s completely ignoring the public path I’ve set up.
Anyone knows any fix for this? I’m totally out of ideas.

Well. I’ve deleted the webpack configuration in vue.config.js and NOW it works. I seriously still have no clue why that was an issue, if anyone would like to explain that to me, for future reference, I’ll be thankful for that…

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I’m not sure about the webpack config files, but when you uploaded everything on a GitHub repo and turned it into a site through GitHub Pages, every JavaScript code will run because it is browser-side. Now, if your webpack contains an error just like pointing to a path that cannot be recognized or be interpreted by GitHub Pages because it is for Vue, then that will be a bug, so when you deleted that, everything is working. Remember, GitHub Pages is working on plane CSS, JavaScript and HTML.