GitHub paged visibility for private repo

I am a GitHub Pro user. I believe I can use GitHub Pages for my private repo, but the select visibility button not show. How to change visibility to only available to selected users instead of public?

According to This tutorial , there should be bottom to change visibility

where is the screenshot of the one you are referring too?

that Source is referring to whether you’ll be hosting your repo in main, gh-pages or docs,

There should be select visibility Button above or below Source Section.

did you already deploy that? because GitHub Pages is still not enabled, that’s what I’m seeing,

the other one might be your subscription, I’m not very sure of your subscription, but it says here,

After I deployed, the my GitHub pages becomes public and I can’t find select visibility button in Setting-pages section. I’m a GitHub Pro user.

okay so we are now sure, your private repo does not have GitHub Enterprise Cloud, right?

I don’t have GitHub Enterprise Cloud.

that’s it,

you can have the Enterprise trial period if you want, they are offering that too,

GitHub pro does not provide this function? Ok

Reference: githubs-products
Only mentions this feature use for GitHub Enterprise license use