Github page with custom domain is "not secure"

Hi friends,

I am having problems getting my github page to use https.

My website is www.madsravn. I have attached a screenshot of my DNS settings.
My github page repository is here:

Can anyone help me to find out what is wrong? I have activated HTTPS on my github page repo and keeps being “not secure” in chrome at least.

I added a pull request. It shows TLs 1.2 but let’s see if I fixed it


Much like my answer in another topic, you’re getting these security errors because you’re displaying content on an HTTPS webpage from HTTP sources. If you want your webpage to be truly secure, you need to use HTTPS throughout. @i-cat’s PR will help, but you need to ensure that you don’t break things again by using http:// in any new links you add to your site.

I hope this helps!