Github page url is"

I followed the exact same steps in the documentation to set up a new GitHub Page.

Everything worked perfectly, but I then deleted my repositories due to some difficulties installing the jekyll theme and wanted to start from scratch, and created a new page (big mistake on my part).

Then, when I go to GitHub pages in the settings and use the master branch from the dropdown (to select where the content will be stored), my GitHub Page URL turns into" as opposed to the expected

changing the username changes it into “http:/”

According to the documentation, whatever you specify for the repository name, aka “< user >”, that will be the URL for your GitHub page, but that’s not the case. Instead, the URL becomes < user >

Restoring the deleted repositories did not solve this problem either… I got so frustrated I created another new one, but this didn’t work either.

How do I get it to show up as https:/ and not have any subdirectories? I just want to get it back to the default.

Hi @Zzlatan, welcome to the GitHub Support Community! GitHub only provides a single URL per account, using the account username. In your case yours would be

It looks like you’ve named your repository so your site will be online at

If you’d like to host your site at then you’ll need to rename your repository to

If you’d like to host your site at then you’ll need to change your GitHub username to zacharykatsnelson.