Github Page url change

I tried to change the repo name of my GitHub page repo in order to change the page’s url. Instead it just tacked on the new repo name to the old one as the page url. Even after deleting the repo, creating a new one with the desired name, and re-uploading the code, the page url is still doubled with the old one.

repo: GitHub - GeoEngineer64/ Nik Hawley's Portfolio

Page: Nik Hawley's Portfolio

Hi there! The subdomain of will always match your username. Every repository in your account is automatically hosted on <login> by default, and you cannot change that since it could conflict with another user. So if you want the subdomain, you’d need an account with that username. The <username> repository has special treatment here, since it indicates to us that’s the site you want to be served at the root of your GitHub Pages domain. Any other repository in your account then gets hosted at <username><repo_name> by default, unless you add a custom domain name.

There’s more information on the types of GitHub Pages sites and now they relate to domains here: About GitHub Pages - GitHub Docs

Hope that helps!


Gotcha. Thanks!

Based on my understanding at the time of the article I was reading about making a portfolio using GitHub pages, I thought it seemed like you could make the repo name <whatever> and as long as it had the, that would be the url, but now I understand… thank you!

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