Github page stopped working! :(

Hello there!

I’ve been digging the web but haven’t found a solution. I have my github pages up for about 2 years now I believe, but somehow the other day when I went on it, it only loads the title of the index.HTML but not anything after it… Any ideas why this is happening?



Bumping this a bit in case anyone has time to help me take a look!

Hi @jasonchenscie,

Thanks for being here! I took a look at you site and it seems to load okay on my end. All tabs and links worked properly what am I missing?

Hello @andreagriffiths11!

That was weird, I wonder if something is wrong with my CNAME setup? This is what I see on my end 

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I figured it out! Thanks @andreagriffiths11 for letting me know there is nothing wrong with my github repo, turns out it is an outdated IP address in the DNS setting. For those who run into the same problem, simply reconfigure your DNS per