Github Page Site is not working

The site I have created not working with GitHub Pages. Can you help me?

Its working. You used a backgroud of white color. That’s being rendered on top of your forms. Just remove the background element and you will see it is rendering correctly.
I hope you can get it.

Your code is renders in that way. GitHub pages is working correctly. Try checking your code in local server.

You live version code contain 36 lines.
your repo version also contain 36 lines.
The code is rendered in wrong manner.

I am sorry my local version is working perfectly fine.

Thank you for trying to help me. It is still not working.

I can’t repoduce in local server. I got the same result.
I cloned the repo and used live server in vscode still i can’t repoduce.

Dude just see your code…

Here line 4. You mis spelled. How u run it in local. I can’t believe. It’s wrong file after correcting it with good file name. I can render this I hope there are more mistakes.

Thanks a lot for trying. I will clone and try again.

After correcting 3 more error in index i can render this.

I guess you can find more mistakes in code and completely render it. And How can you run it locally. If its same code then it will not render. And if it’s incorrect code then please upate your code in GitHub.

Thanks a lot. I clone it and tried again. Still working even with that spelling mistake. That is so strange.

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Hi, I was managed to do it at last. I had only two mistakes. I misspelled style.css and script.js with beginning capital letters. I didnt check for mistakes in my code because it’s working. Of course I needed to add books to the library. Its working now. I am still surprised how did it work in the local server with the capital letters.
Thanks a lot for your help.

i guess windows don’t mind capital small things but linux or server mind. Anyway thanks for asking help.