GitHub page (jekyll) looks very different from local from the very beginning

I’ve just followed tutorial on

with only difference that

jekyll_VERSION_new .

I run as only 

jekyll new .

beacuse “jekyll 3.8.5 new .” returned error “fatal: ‘jekyll 3.8.5’ could not be found. You may need to install the jekyll-3.8.5 gem or a related gem to be able to use this subcommand.”

No customization, just default page.

Running locally “bundle exec jekyll serve” diplayed page ok.

As a next step, I pushed all this to new public repository, master. 

The repository’s setting page indicated that the page was published only after I

  1. selected page source from “master”
  2. selected jekyll’s theme.

The result: Displayed page’s style’s are broken.

I suspect that the problem is in:

  • conflicting jekyll’s version. Or
  • theme conflict. But is was published only after I selected theme in setting page.

What’s wrong? How to thrace it?

Hi @leonidpur,

Thanks for being here and our apologies for the delayed response. Are you still having this issue? and if yes, would you be so kind to share a link to your repo for us to take a look?

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hello @andreagriffiths11 - replying nearly 2 years later, but to a similar question missing an aswer: I’m having the exact problem: bundle exec jekyll serve --livereload when viewed at localhost looks fine, but when I view
that page on GitHub, it looks completely different:

I’m trying to figure out why the local version looks great, but the gh_pages seems to be missing a bunch of style pages, etc.

I was following along the Jekyll and the GitHub Pages and Jekyll - as documented on my blog page.

So many things appear to be autogenerated, but why not everything? Am I supposed to copy the generated site directory to my GitHub pages? Intuitively I would think not. I didn’t find anything like that in the documentation.

Really, my objective is trying to figure out why my tags get generated locally in the _site directory, but when I push everything to GitHub, the pages are not in the tag directory - for example the 3018 tag doesn’t work; the file/directory is missing.

I just setup the above example to narrow down the root cause of the missing files.

Upon closer inspection, I discovered why files seemed to be “missing” from a GitHub pages subdirectory repo publish: what’s actually missing from all of the documentation I’ve seen is a note that the _config.yml file needs to be edited. In my specific case, like this:

domain:     # if you want to force HTTPS, put down the domain without the http: e.g.
url: # the base hostname & protocol for your site, e.g.
baseurl: /jekyll-tag-test2/      # place folder name if site is served in subfolder

Really, if the site Page setting on GitHub already defines this, it seems to me confusing and even potentially contradictory to have to also manually set the config file.