Github page is publishing the read me file instead of index.html

Hi everyone!

I hope someone here finds the answer to my prayers for over the last two days, I´ve even created a new account for my website to publish correctly, but no luck in seeing it as it´s supposed to.

my repository is under:

and then I went and publish the page under settings-github pages and allowed the master branch, but when it says that my site is published all I get is the read me file by default :(!!!

I´m desperate, hopefully someone here is able to help me, or has gone by the same issue and we can figure it out together.

Thank you very much!

I have exactly the same problem…!!

The readme is the default when github cannot find the index file.
Have you moved your index.html file to the root?

Yes, I did, but it’s still not working, indeed it’s worse, nothing is displayed (blank page), also the app itself is not working, I have to move again (index.html) to its original place.

it’s now working, right?