Github Page doesn't show the posts


I’ve followed the lab instructions to create a new GitHub page . I could successfully create the welcome page; however, my posts won’t appear on the site. For instance, I’ve one post under _posts folder per below but it doesn’t show on the site: What is the problem?

Here is my site:

Hi @Northbreeze. This is happening because the template you’ve chosen doesn’t include a blog section in the default page layout. You’ll either need to choose a different theme that does include a blog section on the homepage, or modify this theme’s template to include a layout that lists your blog posts.

If you’d like to change theme I believe the only default Pages theme that supports a blog format is the minima theme:

You can however choose any other gem-based Jekyll theme hosted on GitHub that has a blog layout and use it with the remote_theme variable:

If you’d prefer to keep your current theme you’ll need to edit or add HTML layouts to include a blog section. You can see how to do this here: