Github Page checks not populating

Hi folks, I’ve hit a github pages build error, but none of the error reporting appears to be functioning. The pull request page build report doesn’t provide any diagnostic output, and the pull request checks page has a spinning wheel that never populates any information.

Is there a bug somewhere that needs to be reported?

Hey there @durack1! Thanks for reporting this. This generic error message generally means something unexpected happened on our end. I took a look at the exception and it’s failing with this error:

Fatal: ArgumentError
Liquid Exception: Could not find document 'docs/' in tag 'link'. Make sure the document exists and the path is correct. in ''

Note: I cleaned this error up a bit so it’s easier to read

We definitely should be catching this error. I’m not sure why it didn’t bubble up to the Check Run. I’ll open a bug internally so we can fix this, but hopefully this unblocks you.

Hi @durack1, @tcbyrd,

I’ve resolved the issue that was causing this problem in the first place for our pages (a misunderstanding on my part as to where the jekyll configuration files go relative to the markdown pages*).

Allowing users to see errors such as this when deployment failed would be really helpful – it didn’t take me long to resolve once I had seen that exception, but without it I would have been stumped.

*Too much information: I had the markdown files under /docs which was being pointed at by github pages, but the configuration information such as the Gemfile, _config.yml, _layout and assets were at the root of the repo. This was down to my approach in attempting to evolve from a very minimal setup that we had initially without running the jekyll new command, and a limited understanding of how jekyll works. As I was running the jekyll server from the command line at the root of the repository it all looked fine when developing.

@tcbyrd thanks for the heads up - @matthew-mizielinski has already noted thanks for the additional info.

I note that we still have a spinning wheel for the pull request checks page, so glad it’s there to make sure a bug fix works