Github Page cannot load my page

I have uploaded my homepage files to my Github repo and set the brunch to the master. I have double checked that I have index.html file in my repo but it still doesn’t work. My repo:, and I cannot load my page: It actually shows the page for a second then 404 NOT FOUND. Thanks for help!!

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I’ve had a quick look at your repository. It looks as though you have downloaded an entire Squarespace website and are trying to use that on GitHub Pages.

Unfortunately, when you do that, the source that downloads is full of code that works for Squarespace but not for GitHub Pages.

If you’d like to learn more about building your own Pages site, you can consult our GitHub Pages guide or you can take part in our free GitHub Pages course.

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there is a known issue for the dash (that’s hyphen actually) for a GitHub username name when deployed in GitHub Pages, sometimes it will work, sometimes it will not work, so to be sure, better just remove the dash in your GitHub username,

Hi there! I am new here as well.
It was working, but now it appears a 404 error on my github page:
Already checked entering the repository via github site and then settings and then pages.
Seems to be all right (print attached), but the weblink as above is not working. How do I make it work again?

Thanks in advance!

That link redirects to, but there is no file WebApp_Mapa_Coronavirus.html in your repository. The closest seems to be WebApp_Mapa_Coronavirus 4.html. It’d be best to name the page you want to be the entry point into your site index.html, so it gets loaded directly if you go to

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OMG, thank you so much! I wasnt able to see this!

Already solved the problem with your help.

Many thanks!

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