Github Packages

Hi Team,

Recently for one of our client , we are Planning to use GitHub packages for NPM packages , regarding that we are working on the setup and we have done the POC regarding the same . FYI we are using Github enterprise version 3.0 which will be only accessible with in Client network

So During the POC we have published the packages manually to GPR (GitHub Package registry) and then we have used jenkins Job to Use those packages and have did Npm install and it was working as expected. Here the we have authencticated to github packages by using CLI commands in jenkins server so that It will be authenticated by default and no need to pass the token in .npmrc file .

So Now when Run NPM publish we are getting the below Error

npm Err : Unable to autehnticate need basic realm ="Github Package registry"

I am only getting this error during NPM publish command , I am not getting this error in Npm install to install the Existing packages . And More over When i run the same command npm publish manually by cloning the packages repo and change the version and publish again uisng Npm publish It is working expected.

But In the same server when I ran it using jenkins job , It is failing with above error , I have even tried passing token directly in .npmrc file to check as below


But It is still showing me same error ,

Can you please Guide us here What needs to be done to fix the issue so that we can works regarding the same .

Please let me know if you need any additional details.

Hi Team,

Any update on the Above issue that we are facing in GitHub Packages??

Hi Team,

I have fixed this issue in an another way , please ignore this for now