Github Packages Unable to Verify Leaf Signature

Hi @mickeygousset /Team,

Actually we are using GitHub Enterprise version 3.0 for one of our project which will be accessed only by connecting to client VDI with in client network, So we are planning to use GitHub packages for NPM packages And I have create a jenkins job to publish the packages and again jenkins is again in Internal network only accessable with in VDI .

Regarding that we have passed the authentication details in .npmrc file in jenkins/home directory where we have passed the token and GPR(Github Package registry) url , But when I tried to publish the package It is give me error saying


npm ERR request failed , Unable to verify the first certificate .

regarding this even when I passed my github cer with below command saying

npm config set ca file “path to github cer”

Still It is giving me the same error .

many people in different websites says to use npm set config strict-ssl false , Not sure whether I can use this or not as It will disable ssl here .

Can you please let me know how to setup this and how to pass certificate to authenticate here ?