Github Packages fails with 'E500 The GitHub Packages service encountered an error'

I have a lerna-monorepo and since yesterday, when I try to deploy the packages, some of them fail. Not all of them, and not consistently the same ones. Sometimes a few of them get published, sometimes only one.

Nothing in the deployment pipeline changed and before, it worked flawlessly.

For the package that fails, I always get

lerna http fetch PUT 500 10413ms
lerna ERR! E500 The GitHub Packages service encountered an error.

I’m getting the same error too. Tried publishing 3 times using Lerna also, and 3 times it failed with different packages failing with the same error.

I’ve experienced this error very intermittently in the past, but normally only once and then the 2nd attempt is successful.

Experiencing this presently, also with Lerna.