Github Packages fails with 'E500 The GitHub Packages service encountered an error'

I have a lerna-monorepo and since yesterday, when I try to deploy the packages, some of them fail. Not all of them, and not consistently the same ones. Sometimes a few of them get published, sometimes only one.

Nothing in the deployment pipeline changed and before, it worked flawlessly.

For the package that fails, I always get

lerna http fetch PUT 500 10413ms
lerna ERR! E500 The GitHub Packages service encountered an error.

I’m getting the same error too. Tried publishing 3 times using Lerna also, and 3 times it failed with different packages failing with the same error.

I’ve experienced this error very intermittently in the past, but normally only once and then the 2nd attempt is successful.

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Experiencing this presently, also with Lerna.


Also getting this error, using lerna. However the error seems to persist even if I try to publish manualy via yarn


Also getting this with Lerna via CircleCI

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Also getting this error almost on every publish. It started to be like that about 20 days ago

Just started getting the same response today. Haven’t been able to publish for a few hours now.

Either getting Request failed "500 Internal Server Error" or Request failed "502 Bad Gateway"

I’m getting the same issue - started yesterday and haven’t managed to publish at all today

Same here using npm publish

Same here, getting E500

Replaced package paths below
500 Internal Server Error - PUT - The GitHub Packages service encountered an error.
Haven’t been able to publish at all today.

19 verbose stack Error: 500 Internal Server Error - PUT - The GitHub Packages service encountered an error.
19 verbose stack     at /usr/local/lib/node_modules/npm/node_modules/npm-registry-fetch/check-response.js:117:15
19 verbose stack     at runMicrotasks (<anonymous>)
19 verbose stack     at processTicksAndRejections (internal/process/task_queues.js:95:5)
20 verbose statusCode 500
21 verbose pkgid @my-private-package/@privatepackagename@0.1.2-beta.1
22 verbose cwd /Users/....
23 verbose Darwin 20.6.0
24 verbose argv "/usr/local/bin/node" "/usr/local/bin/npm" "publish" "--tag" "beta"
25 verbose node v14.17.4
26 verbose npm  v6.14.14
27 error code E500
28 error 500 Internal Server Error - PUT - The GitHub Packages service encountered an error.

Same here. Not able to publish with npm publish.
Keep getting E500 or E502.

Ditto here - consistent E500 on PUT for package publish. Problem for me is very consistent presently - from multiple places and relative to different accounts (although directed to the same private repository)

Same here. What is annoying is that the problem is there since hours and despite the number of reports, Github status pages reports no problems:


Getting E500 or E502 from past 4 hours whenever I try to publish the package

I’m encountering the same issue as well. 500 error: “The GitHub Packages service encountered an error.”

This happened last week as well but eventually resolved. I don’t believe the status page ever reflected that issue.

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We started to have this issue today as well. Has anyone got past this error?

No progress here - been 100% broken on this matter since we first tried publishing this morning (about 6 hours back). Same repositories and publishing configurations were good about 12 hours earlier. Still no recognition of the problem on github status, and no response to the ticket I opened about 4 hours back.

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Same problem here, since this morning. We started getting this error a while ago, deleting packages did work but not anymore

Our organization is also experiencing this issue since about midday 9/27/2021

We have tried the following with no luck:

  • Deleted packages
  • Updating .npmrc tokens
  • npm login
  • updating package version
  • rebuilding package
  • restarting local machines trying to publish

We’re seeing across the board the ability to npm publish --dry-run
However when actually trying to publish we get a mix of 500 PUT errors & errno ECONNRESET due to socket hang up

It’s very disappointing to see a lack of communication from Github in this thread as well as in support tickets according to our organizations experience and mikeprimm-triva’s experience.

There is still no indication on the status page a problem is occurring

As a stop-gap our organization has implemented a work around by hosting our package in s3. Below is a comparison in our normal process and the temporary workaround process.

Previous process:

  1. npm run build (this builds the package we want to deploy)
  2. npm version (version’s our package we want to share)
  3. npm publish

Temporary process:

  1. npm run build
  2. npm version
  3. npm pack
  4. upload package to s3 bucket
  5. capture the url for the hosted package

For projects using this package:

  • npm rm PACKAGE_NAME

It’s non-ideal but for our needs is getting the job done.


I just had my first successful publish of the day - probably worth it for you folks to give things another try, as well.

Still not a peep on my 7 hour old support ticket…