Github Package snapshot build number not updating

When I publish new versions of a SNAPSHOT build to github packages, the build number is not updated.

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I think this is causing gradle to always download build-number 1, and any later snapshots are ignored.


Hey @derongan, as far as I know we don’t support mutating packages in terms of publishing a new SNAPSHOT to override an existing SNAPSHOT.

@andreagriffiths11  Just to clarify, does this mean that we cannot upload multiple builds for the same snapshot (e.g. 1.0.0-SNAPSHOT) and have GitHub serve the latest artifact? Encountering a similar issue at the moment where only the first build is being pulled down from the repository (even after deleting my local cache). 


We do have partial support for SNAPSHOT versions. You can push snapshot packages that contain plain .jar and .pom files. There is however a bug that stops it working with -javadoc and -source artifacts. This is somethign to be aware of because it trips up lots of people! Hopefully this will be fixed soon.



Hi, we publish snapshot packages with Gradle, it’s a plain .pom and .jar files. But unfortunately when we try to use snapshot package only first uploaded jar is downloaded. 

Also did try to publish packages with new Gradle module metadata files - and it’s the same, only first uploaded jar is downloaded. Do you know when snapshots will work in GitHub Packages ? thank you 

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@derongan did you resolve you problem ? thank you 

Could you open a ticket here with a link to your repository any logs for publishing/consuming your package?



Currently experiencing the same issue on a Gradle project, for some reason when multiple snapshots of the same version are uploaded (e.g. 1.0.0-SNAPSHOT), even when the cache for changing modules is disabled - explicitly set it to 0 seconds - GH Packages always returns the first artifact.

I thought it was a Gradle misconfiguration I made at first, but I can see in the logs that the resolved pom file is the one belonging to the first upload and any other dependency pulled from other Maven repos (not GH packages ones) with the same cache policy is always the latest.

Any chance this can get fixed? Thanks!

I opened a support ticket and got a confirmation today that the GH team is currently looking into the issue of the SNAPSHOT always returning the first version. I’ll post here again when I get updates.

Thanks for opening the ticket. A new version was deployed earlier today. This issue should now be fixed!

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Works great now, thanks again!