GitHub Package Registry - Nuget - Issue with Search Query Service


The Visual Studio Nuget Package Manager is not properly listing the packages stored in our GitHub Package Registry. Basically, the default underlying API call in which this tool relies (see below) is returning ONLY one package while it should return 26 packages (the page size given by the “take” parameter):

If the skip & take parameters are modified as follow (and the call is executed via an alternate way, not via Visual Studio) the expected packages (34) are returned:

Also, the below call returns the same packages as the above one while it should skip the initial 100 packages. It seems that the “skip” parameter is ignored

Taking the above into account…

  1. Is there any known bug related to the Search Query Service ?
  2. Why the call generated by the Visual Studio Nuget Package Manager does return only one package when it should return the first 26 ?
  3. Why the call return the packages only when the “take” parameter is increased ?
  4. Why the “skip” parameter is ignored ?