github package for .net framework

I have a few quesitons regarding github package. I am experimenting github package using dotnet cli.

  1. there is not much documentation of how the github package work, I manage to run dotnet pack and push to github, but is there a UI showing where the packages are located?

  2. there is very little documentation of how to fire some query using ex. postman to manage the package. I can see there is a package info by visiting, but there as said, there is not much documentation saying how to interact with the endpoints there.

  3. since I am using .net framework, i am not using dotnet cli, but nuget cli, but there is no documentation for that, is that anywhere?

  4. the dotnet restore using dotnet cli does not work for me. after adding the nuget.config file under a dotnet core project, I run the dotnet restore, it does not fetch the github package that I pushed.

I really wish there is some github project for download or with more images for the tutorial below

Hopefully this helps you a little:

  1. You should find a UI here:

  2. Instead of adding a nuget.config file to your project you could adding a new Nuget Package source in visual studio (Tools->Options->NuGet Package Manager->Package Sources). Use as the source. 

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