Github on the IPv6 internet?

Hi all,

I got this when trying to clone a repo from github and an IPv6 only host:

[minfrin@bob openwrt]$ git clone
Cloning into 'packages'...
fatal: unable to access '': Couldn't connect to server

caused by this:

[minfrin@bob openwrt]$ host -t AAAA has no AAAA record

When will github make itself available on the IPv6 internet?




Since github is now owned by Microsoft, they are probably using azure to host it. Most of azure stuff (app services eg.) aren’t available on ipv6. Maybe this call should be bigger, something like

@microsoft-365 can you make your services available on the new ipv6 network

Microsoft have supported IPv6 on a lot of things for a long time, e.g. Office 365 is fully IPv6 capable.

While things like App Services don’t support IPv6, there are easy and commonly deployed methods to IPv6-enable them, including one as part of Azure: Front Door…

IPv6 is also not “new”, it has been around for over 20 years…

So what could be the steps to enable a github repository in IPv6 network? @heliosfa 

If you’re looking for a workaround: Use a proxy that has IPv4 connectivity. What kind of proxy would depend on your needs, to just clone/pull a HTTP proxy would be sufficient.

And I agree that IPv6 is not optional for any service (and hasn’t been for a while, really).

any update on this? also doesn’t GitHub has a network engineering team to work on IPv6.
you are breaking the web by not supporting IPv6.

Its look like. This is a secondary issue to them. They might do it in future. They don’t have a roadmap on this. As i rem.