Github NPM Package repository not visible for workflow

I have a github workflow which has been working perfectly fine for the last year(good job Github team), today i have noticed some super wierd behavior.

Unfortunately this is all private repo stuff so i cannot link to it.

I have a Kotlin Multiplatform library which publishes several ‘subprojects’ to the github repo, we will use firebase-* as an example, so firebase-auth, firebase-app, firebase-firestore, one of the targets is JS, so the library publishes firebase-auth-js, firebase-app-js, etc.
I can see this in the github packages web interface, i can also build the project locally and seems to fetch the packages fine.

When i run the workflow(which has been working fine for ages, only now something changed) to build the project that has a dependancy on the Kotlin Multiplatform library, it complains that it cannot find firebase-auth-js, so i re-ran the workflow then it reported it couldnt find firebase-database-js, so it seems random packages it unable to find.

It makes me wonder if there is an issue with the connectivity of a github workflow node and the github packages repository.

Anybody having the same issue? or just me?

It just happened now with the jvm part of the library.
firebase-database-jvm, maybe something not right with the github maven repo??

Seems to of fixed itself now. Not sure how to close this.