GitHub Notifications in GitHub Actions for Enterprise Cloud

Whenever a GitHub fails for example, I get a notification from I am part of an enterprise cloud subscription. I am curious how I am getting these notifications from? I don’t see any SMTP or email configuration even at the organization level. Can anyone please help me understand this? When I get these notifications without any configuration, how I can ensure to leverage this inside a GitHub action? Please help.

Hello vesubramanian

Thanks for the question. These notifications are coming from domain so there is no SMTP or email configuration required on your side. I would take a look at the following documentation for configuring notifications:

Managing Subscriptions and Notifications

You can also customize your GitHub inbox with specific filters:

Managing Notifications from your Inbox

Last but not least, the GitHub marketplace for Actions has quite a few actions for surfacing notifications in other tools like Microsoft Teams, SMS, Slack, and Amazon SNS if interested.

GitHub Marketplace - Actions (notifications)