GitHub not updating renamed branch name

Hey there!

In my project I had only one branch, the master. I created another one, set this new one as the default branch and renamed the “master” branch using the following command: 

git branch -m <oldname> <newname>

In GitHub desktop the names are fine but if I go to the repository on the GitHub website, the name still “master”. Does it take some time to update or something like that?

Here are two prints, the first one from the desktop app and the other from the website (I renamed the master branch to 3.0)

  Screenshot_2.png Screenshot_3.png

Did you change the default branch on remote?

When you renamed the master branch on 3.0, did you push this branch to remote?

If I dont missunderstand you had change the name of master in 3.0, so you have done this:

git branch -m master 3.0

Than you push this new branch on remote/origin:

git push origin 3.0

I dont know how it works when you rename a protected branch like the default one master on remote, so before push these changes I suggest you to change the default branch remotely.

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I’m renaming a branch on Github Desktop then pushing it to origin, but I don’t see anything changed on github website. It’s not the default branch. Please help. Is this a bug? Github Desktop reports successfully pushed.

Hi fa1rid,
did you ever solve this? I’ve got the exact same issue.