Github not showing my contributions

I have a repo named ludo. The contributor is only me myself. I use vscode terminal for committing and pushing code. The code is getting pushed successfully but not showing any contributions on my GitHub account. It is showing 2 authors under the insights panel, however I am the only contributor. This other author is me myself (Same name ‘Pranav-Rustagi’). I checked the credentials using

git config --list

The credentials (username and mail address) are mine.

Please help.

If that email address is correct, you need to add it to your Github account to have the commits assigned to your account:

It is assigned for the commits. The problem occurs when I commit using vscode terminal. If I commit using command prompt of windows, it works fine.

The email address not only needs to be correct in the commit, it also needs to be attached to your Github account if you want Github to recognize the commit as yours.