Github not showing map after uploading a trusted notebook (ipynb)?

I made my notebook to Trusted in Jupyter Lab, then downloaded it as an .ipynb file and then tried to upload it to github but Github again shows the error

Make this Notebook Trusted to load map: File -> Trust Notebook

How do i make this notebook “Trusted”? vI have already done the trusted part in Jupyter Lab.

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I’m no expert on jupyter notebooks, but I think that when you move a notebook from one environment to another you need to re-trust it?

So if you move it from one computer to another, you need to rerun the trust command. I’m guessing moving the notebook from Jupyter Lab to your local machine has the same effect?

I think you’ll need to use the jupyter trust mynotebook.ipynb command in the terminal, and then push it up to GitHub:

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I am having same issue. I am uploading the notebook from same environment and the file is trusted by Jupyter. Still after uploading to my github account, its not displaying map and showing mentioned error.
Please help.

Oh, perhaps the “trust” isn’t actually the problem here?

I notice that to render the map you need to import an external library? I don’t think that will work for notebooks hosted on GitHub.

On GitHub, they are displayed as static HTML sites. Looks like you can use nbviewer to view them with the interactive elements restored:

Sorry for not catching that first time around!

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Hi there OP,

I’m having the exact same problem, on the exact same assignment. Did you link everyone to your notebook as is, or did you convert it to an HTML file, or something else? I used @yamiacat 's advice to view it, but I’m not sure how to submit this.

sorry guys i didn’t follow yamicat’s advice. but it appears to be sound enough. please go ahead and try it.