Github newsfeed. login page


I have a question my github page when i log into the github webpage loads a newsfeeds of friends that I added to my list, but I currently removed them from my friends list as well as I told them to remove me from there list but I still see all there repositories and github activity is there anyway I can have it not show up without having to block them?


Hi @ronpaek100,

How long ago did you take those actions? I believe that information might be cached, so I want to make sure it has been a couple of days before going into deeper troubleshooting.

Hi @that-pat,

I also believe it might be cached stuff as well, because my friend told me she forked other stuff and the most recent stuff isn’t showing on my newsfeed, but all the previous stuff is still showing up on my dashboard / newsfeed. If I block her account the stuff doesn’t show up on my newsfeed but when I unblock her, the pervious stuff shows up again on my dashboard / newsfeed.