Github new account verfication fail

i try to create new account in Github but over 100 verification solve fail , I got “That’s not quite right.” message !
please tell me how can i register new account ?

:wave: Welcome!

Could you share more information about the trouble you’re having? I’m not sure I understand what kind of verification you’re having trouble with.

when new user want to register, page that have :Please solve this puzzle so we
know you are a real person

Thanks for clarifying. Our captcha does get more difficult sometimes when we are seeing an uptick in bulk or suspicious activity. If you’re using a VPN or sharing a network with a large number of people, it might be worth trying a different connection.

It’s also worth checking that your account creation activity is in line with our Terms of Service, including:

  • One person or legal entity may maintain no more than one free Account (if you choose to control a machine account as well, that’s fine, but it can only be used for running a machine).