github-move/Issue_4 unable to finish the course

Hello Community!
I am unable to follow these steps. I do not find a section labeled like it is mentioned in step 2. The MyLink provided is also not available.

Is this somehow related to this Importing your project #4 – fix needed - Education / GitHub Learning Lab - GitHub Support Community

I do have write-access on this repository.

  1. Copy the URL for your existing repository on Subversion, Mercurial, TFS, or another Git server
  2. Navigate to the Code tab of this repository and scroll down to the section labeled …or import code from another repository
  3. Click Import code
  4. Paste the URL for your repository in its current location
  5. Click Begin import

Can someone help me here, please.

Kind regards, Thorsten

Hey can you provide me a link to the learning lab you are working through?


Learning Lab:



Ok, the problem is that when you created your .gitignore file, you were supposed to create it in your local environment, and instead you created it in the GitHub repo, or you pushed the file to the repo. I’d try restarting the course again, and not doing that. When you go to the Code tab of the repo, it should look like this, and you should see the import button at the bottom.:

Because the repo is not empty, due to the .gitignore, you don’t get the import option.

Thanks a lot @mickeygousset for helping me out!

i was able to finish this course.

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