Github Mobile app on iOS: secondary rate limits violated

I’m using Github Mobile 1.38.0 on iOS 15 and the app is more or less unusable because the message “Something went wrong / Try again” appears after very few clicks. If switching into the profile view a popup occurs which states that “secondary rate limits” are beeing violated.

I tried to sign out of the app and back in but it does not help. Using GitHub in the browser works fine.

Problem persists in 1.39.0

Edit: I just reinstalled the app and the problem persists. Will see if it is gone later today.

I hoped the customer support would be a bit more supportive, especially because the bug reporting is directing to this place instead of the App Store…

It seems like only my organization repository is hit by this bug: GitHub - gircore/gir.core: A C# wrapper for GObject based libraries providing a C# friendly API surface

Other repositories seem to be fine.

On the gir.core repository the allowed dependency graph size was increased manually by github. Perhaps it is related to this change?

Hi @badcel I’m replying based on your @ notice here: Dependency graph manifest files limit - #52 by badcel

I’m not super familiar with our mobile apps technically (though I do use our Android app every day) but for the relation to the increased manifest file, I highly doubt they’re related. Though I can appreciate why it might come up, as you’ve noticed that the behavior is limited to one repo, and not others, and the increased limit is only on the problematic repo.

You’ve suggested that simply browsing around the repo in the iOS app is triggering this message, though I’m curious, are you (or other members of your Org) running any kind of script against that repo?

Secondary rate limits are typically nothing we have direct control over, though we do have our guide here for best practices for integrators of our API:

Though from what you’ve suggested, nothing like that is happening?

However to reiterate, I believe this would likely be unrelated to the increased manifest file limit. Unless some API action is happening to programmatically add files, triggering the secondary rate limits.

I have two GitHub actions running daily. But those are in place long before I switched to iOS (which was just recently). The android app worked fine. (But I did not test with android since I have those problems, will do.)

I don’t know of any other scripts. For me the documentation you linked reads more like secondary rate limits are app specific and not general api limits if some script hits the api?

This is why I wondered why nobody is responding as it looks for me like the GitHub mobile app is violating its own rules and the web version works fine.

If it is not app specific it could be due to the actions as one of them is doing quite heavy codeql analysis?

I tried to reproduce it on my (way slower) android phone for minutes. No success. Afterwards on the current iPhone I hit the limits in seconds.