GitHub @ mention suggestions pop up in the wrong order

When I want to @ mention someone, 99% of the time it’s the person who created the issue I’m commenting on, particularly when they’re the last person to have commented on it. However, that’s seldom if ever the first person to show up in the @ mention suggestions. Take this issue for example: Facebook message_echoes SendActivitiesAsync Forbidden · Issue #6282 · microsoft/botframework-sdk · GitHub

The person I want to @ mention is the 4th person on the list. Two of the people before that are irrelevant because they just added labels and didn’t comment at all, and the third is myself! How does this make sense?

Furthermore, even when I start to type to make it clear to the system which one I want, the system still gets it wrong.


Rather than going straight to the top suggestion that started with E, it decided that I’m more likely to want to @ mention someone who wasn’t even on the list at first, and who has had no activity on that issue at all!

Was this @ mention popup system really designed to work this way, or is it a bug?

Hi there;

I checked and I think the order of the suggestion box is based on the Assignees.
Remember when a person created an issue, so we do not need to mention himself and he is the owner of the ISSUE and he will get updated email also when you do not mention him/her.

So basically, what is useful is to mention Assignees.
and that is what is now.

Thank you for the reply. There were no assignees in this case. I believe authors can still unsubscribe from the thread, and they can have different notification settings for threads they’re subscribed to versus comments they’re mentioned in, so it still makes sense to want to mention the person you’re talking to even when it’s the author.