GitHub member_invited org event: pending state instead of active

We’ve noticed a behavior change (honestly not sure how long this has been different), where the webhook event organization with action member_added does not seem to accurately represent the proper state value. Instead, it shows the state before membership has been granted.

Over the past few years that this code has existed, the member_added's state would be active at this time, representing the fact that the user has accepted their org invitation, and their membership is now active.

Now, the state value is pending in this event, as if they have not yet accepted their membership.

However, if I immediately query org membership through the REST API, it accurately represents the user’s membership state as active.

Was this change intentional, or is this a regression?

We are now running the state for pending and active, and check with the API, but it seems like an unnecessary additional REST API call to GitHub to verify something that should have been in the event body instead.

If it makes any difference for how things are handled on the backend, we are using GitHub Enterprise Cloud and the organization is part of an Enterprise Account.