Github Maven Packages can't be found in ORG

Hi , I’m trying to use Github packages as a maven repository.

When I point directly to a repo like this :

repositories {
    maven {
        url = uri("")
        credentials {
            username = 'some-user'
            password = 'github-token-with-repo-scope'

And pulling the dependency like this:

    implementation 'groupId:artifcatId:1.0.0-snapshot'

It works.

But if I don’t want to limit maven url to specific repo , and use ORG url directly

url = uri("')

It wont find the same artifcat saying:

Could not find groupId:artifcatId:1.0.0-snapshot.

I have tried adding REPO name to dependency declaration

    implementation 'REPO:groupId:artifcatId:1.0.0-snapshot'

It still wont work.

Anyone has a clue how to use ORG url as a MAVEN REPOSITORY , instead of adding multiple urls to each repo (and multiplying the login calls etc… )



Any suggestions? Or where I can process with this issue ? 

This seems to be a very simple use case. An organization has multiple projects and each project creates packages. There should be one place where all these projects are stored.

Any ideas or workarounds?