GitHub Markdown Syntax Suggestion

I hope this is the appropriate place to bring this up, if not please let me know a more suitable place to post this. I looked for a Github repo that defines their specific type of syntax, but my google-foo has let me down.

I have a suggestion on an addition to the markdown spec. There are many times where I create documentation within a given repo. At times many of the tasks need to branch based on, for example, tooling or OS. I would find it very useful to allow an inline “tab” like feature to split up the documentation. I am unsure what this feature is actually called, but an example can be found on the Hashicorp Vault documentation site here. The part down where you select either Homebrew on OS X or Chocolately on Windows.

Having this feature in GitHub’s Markdown would drastically help with documentation and simpler for the end user to follow.

Tabs in markdown would be pretty cool but we don’t get a lot of changes in markdown in terms of fun new features.

If you’re curious about GitHub Flavored Markdown (GFM), you can have a look at the spec and repo.

Have you had a look at GitHub Pages for documentation? This documentation focused template supports tabs and might be much more flexible if you’re handling a large body of documentation.