GitHub Markdown Editor


Do you know who I can contact regarding the Markdown Editor found on this page: ?

The editor does not correctly display the results for example 51: (Because I am limited to two links, please see the link in the code section below.)

In the example, the resulting display should be an H1. Instead, it is plain text.

Here's my editor session:

Here’s the code from the Markdown Editor:

# GitHub Markdown Exercise

Example 51: does not work properly because the text should be an H1.

Foo *bar

It should look like this below in the display:

# Foo *bar baz*

Let's try using a dash instead of the equal sign.

Foo *bar

The above result is wrong too. It is not an H2.

It should look like the following:

## Foo *bar baz*

Interestingly, example 50 works:

Foo *bar*

Foo *bar*

I hope this information is helpful.


Hi @Stecyk, Welcome to the community! Hi,

It sounds like you’re looking for help with a specific project hosted on GitHub. I’d recommend checking the project’s README for instructions on how to best get support; a lot of projects will have you submit issues to their repo or provide email addresses for contact.

Best of luck!


Thank you. You pointed me to the correct page. I did not realize it at first.


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