Github Map preview of TopoJSON is broken for me, GeoJSON okay.


I noticed that over the past few weeks I have been having more and more trouble with getting TopoJSON GitHub previews to load, where they previously loaded fine. At first, my friend reported this problem in Canada, but I could not reproduce it. Now I myself am affected. Both Chrome and Firefox display this behavior for me. I’m curious if others are noticing it too.

Showing a TopoJSON file in a public repository: the error in browser map and in Chrome devtools.

Here is an example on a public repository:

Showing a still-functional geojson file in a public repository: the same file loads okay (200)

This GeoJSON file is still working great:

This seems to affect all my repositories at least: the main place I need it is in a particular private one where I depend on this as a quick method of collaboration. Thanks for the help.

This was the document that launched TopoJSON:

Here is someone else’s TopoJSON that is stuck (at least for me):

If someone else can just confirm they also see this issue on these two files, that would be validating.

Thanks and have a good weekend.

I didn’t notice as I had email filters, but I actually got this response! Thanks.

Hi Thad,

Thanks for reaching out to GitHub Support about problems rendering TopoJSON files. We are aware of this problem and out team has been notified about this. I've added you to this issue and will follow-up with you once this has been resolved.

Sorry for the inconvenience. Let me know if you need further assistance with anything else.



This thread had not been updated since 2018. Is there a resolution?

I see the same problem today on both Chrome and Firefox. does not render, does render.