Github link in top left corner should default to new tab?


Currently if I click this immediately the tab is replaced by some github page. That seems less than a desirable default given how heavy the codespaces page is?


Hey thanks for sharing this. In an ideal world, I wish the Codespaces page was so fast that you would never feel that it’s frustrating to navigate back, but I understand that’s not the case today. We’ve had a few ideas on how to mitigate this short-term, but you’re definitely right this can be frustrating because of the slowness and we’ll be working to make this better. Once we ship an improvement here I’ll circle back.

Speeding up loading that page is great but I don’t really understand why the simpler solution is not just to make clicking there open a new tab.

It’s not like opening a new tab is not common. It is common. Search images on google. Click the image. Click the link under the expanded image. Opens in a new tab. Click almost any link in gmail, opens in a new tab. Click a document in Google Drive. Opens in a new tab. Opening in a new tab is not a bad thing.

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@greggman ctrl/cmd clicking on the home button opens a new tab for me.

Whoosh! :wind_face::wind_face::wind_face::wind_face::wind_face::wind_face::wind_face::wind_face::wind_face::wind_face::wind_face::wind_face:

Right now this seems to reload my session, but not with the running webapp I was debugging :roll_eyes: .
Now I have a codespace that cannot start the debugging session because the port it is using is already in use. So deleting the codespace and creating a new one is the only solution.

No way to stop the debugging session I was previously in?

Even if you fixed the speed of opening up the codespace, I just don’t want to be taken out of the context. I saw the GitHub button, and clicked it out of curiosity thinking it was a built-in part of the experience. Removing me from the editor context just feels super surprising regardless of how fast it takes to hit the Back button.


Agree with this sentiment. I expected it to open my repo back up in a new tab not replace my code space. I really dislike unexpected closing of my codespaces and would appreciate if anything that could close it required confirmation.

We’ve recently improved this experience by making the icon open a menu when you click it instead of immediately navigating away from the codepace. It doesn’t open in a new tab, but hopefully it makes the experience less confusing by requiring confirmation of clicking on the “Go Home” menu item before navigating away from the codespace.


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