Github learning bot not detecting changes

While completing GitHub Actions: Hello World, step 2 doesnt detect changes of the file required. The step required to create and push a new file called “” and when the action was done, the bot doesnot detech it and does not move forward to the lab step 3. Tried merging it manually but still it did not work


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Hello @shlok57! I took a look and I’m not able to find the repository that you’re mentioning. I’m guessing you deleted it and intend to start again - is this true? Is there anything I can help you with now?

It is a private repo. I am making it public now. I want to advance the course in the same repo.

Update: I made the repo public.

Hey there @shlok57! It looks like the course was expecting you to add the entrypoint script in the same branch as your Dockerfile. Unfortunately, that branch got merged early. The easiest thing here would be to restart the course and when you get to this step again, do not merge the PR.

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i have the same issue too. I didn’t merge the PR but it did not detect the new commit

Hi @Weiklr :wave:

It looks like you’ve done everything correctly. Sometimes our Learning Lab bot is in a bad mood and doesn’t listen very well :wink:

Let’s try something to see if we can get it unstuck so you can continue the course.

  1. From within your pull request, open the file for editing
  2. Add # Community support rocks! to the bottom of the file
  3. Commit the changes and see if the course progresses

The new commit may wake up our Learning Lab bot and get your course moving forward. If it does not work, please let me know and I’ll continue to help you get back on track :smile: