GitHub Landing Page Source Code

Hi there! I’m brand new to GitHub. I’m learning web development and was wondering if there’s a way to access the source code for the GitHub landing page? More specifically, what I’m really interested in is how to make the graphics and animation that appears, the graphics model of the Earth with the animations and how you can move it with your touchscreen. Thanks so much for any help!


You mean over-and-above what you can learn with “View Source” and “Inspect Element” in your browser?

A quick look at the globe shows something called “js-webgl-globe”. Searching all of github for that brings up a couple of repositories of possible interest.

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There’s also a blog series about that globe:

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Thanks so much for the replies!

@fire-eggs This is the first time I’ve heard of View Source or Inspect Element, so I’ll definitely check those out. Thanks also for the links! I’m brand new to GitHub, so I’m still trying to learn how to use all of these resources.

@airtower-luna Thanks for the blog! That’s perfect!


Cool! Something I didn’t know! Thanks for the pointer!

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