GitHub Issues Sort by Latest Update Including Reactions

Testing using the following I can get the latest issue in the repo that has had an update:

curl -H "Accept: application/vnd.github.v3+json"<my_org>/<my_repo>/issues?state=open&sort=updated&direction=desc

I am wondering if an elegant way exists to get the most recently updated based on either a new comment/edit OR a reaction.

From the REST API docs it looks like reactions are only accessible on a per issue basis, so I would need to iterate over all the open issues, pull the reactions, and then locally sort for the most recently active issue.

Perhaps I am missing something?

Welcome to the GitHub Support Community, @jlaura!

You’re not missing anything––there isn’t a specific qualifier that would filter the most recently updated issues by comment, edit, or reaction.

Does that help with what you’re looking for?


It does. I ended up going to the GraphQL API, pulling the issue with comments and all reactions. My app then parsers all that and finds the most recent change. This seems to be the most elegant way to go about getting all the information I need.

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