GitHub Issues: Image upload

GitHub Issues: Image upload

For a few days I have had problems with the image upload in GitHub issues.

1a) New comment: The upload dialog does not open.

1b) Editing an existing comment: Images are uploaded, but are not displayed as an image. Only the link to upload is shown instead.

2a) Embedded images in emails are not transmitted. Instead, a text placeholder is displayed. It is probably the metadata of the upload from the email client.

2b) Attached images in emails are ignored.

Does the transmission of images by email generally work?

The error does not occur all the time.

I might have a similar issue. Cannot upload images on our Github anywhere. PRs, comments, descriptions etc. whereas the same works for all my coworkers with same rigs.

Seems github-production-user-asset-<xyz> is somehow not reachable and when trying to upload the image it says Something went really wrong, and we can't process that file. Try again.

Tried clearing browser cache, different browser, sending image to a coworker (worked for him, same OS X, same browser).

any ideas appreciated, i’m getting crazy! PS: this page also doesnt allow me to provide a screenshot image in this comment, but via a dialog. Is this normal?

Maybe related (tried everything to no avail):