github issues filters could set custom syntax

pls add custom filters syntax function, so users could visit like “involves:USERNAME” as shortcut, which is really the most common choice of mine to check issuses I participated as I check “involves:MYUSERNAME”, but not input by hands all times.

the present options:

  • Your issues
  • Your pull requests
  • Everything assigned to you
  • Everything mentioning you

is little little avail for me.

Hi @justsoos,

Just to clarify, you would like to be able to add these custom filters into the available filter tabs on the personal Issues page so that they are more accessible by users, correct?

I’m happy to submit your feedback to our product team - I just want to make sure that I understand your request clearly before doing so.


Hi, @that-pat

as a site of developers, it is more helpful to set a personal custom filters syntax, but not fixed entries as current site’s doing. 

for example, I prefer to click an entry like “involves:Justsoos” on the every project Issues page that I customized the entry before, but not input by keyboard every time. 

if you consider the burden of, you could set a fixed entry by “involves:USEROWNNAME”, but I do not think it is a good idea.


Hi @justsoos,

Thanks for that additional information! I’ve passed your feedback on to our internal teams for consideration.


Hi, @that-pat

as your hint, I found this page could be better with custom syntax or a fixed new link button: , the existing three link buttons, Created, Assigned, Mentioned can not give me the issues that I participated in discussion, but have to input “involves:Justsoos” to search, add such handy link button should be a wonderful improvement.


In case it helps, I’ve found using a text expander to automatically fill in the search field goes a little way towards achieving this (although it’s not perfect) as I just search for my username in the Issues search and it tends to bring back relevant results.