GitHub issue template in yaml format?

Hi all,
I have seen some projects that are using a YAML issue template.

My account seems to not accept that format.
this is my bug_report.yml

Is this a feature that has been rolled out only for some users?
If no, how can I use it?
if yes, why? :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:



I also want to know how to use it.

as far as I can tell, it’s a closed alpha

Correct, it’s currently in closed alpha:

is there an ETA for this feature?

Just had the same question as it seems, that this feature is in Beta stage as of now:


I added HomeAssisant’s issue form configuration to an own repository, but it doesn’t give me that message nor the form. Did you opt-in into the beta somehow? If no, then it’s probably still rolling out and not available for everyone yet.

There is the link to the appropriate instruction: inctruction, but, it seems, the feature is still in Beta stage and not allowed for everyone. Let’s wait for a while…

Issue forms are now in public beta:

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Is there any estimate when this will be available for all account types? We have a paid team plan and I just sense this will end up being an enterprise only feature which will try to force my startup to upgrade much like environments (in GitHub actions)- as if no one but open source and enterprises have to deal with environments.

Ultimately, if this is how GitHub (Microsoft) continue approaching sensible features I will just end up migrating all of my business users off of our team and improvise a workaround with Zapier and a Google form. Net loss for GitHub.