GitHub is switching branch instead of selected tag if the name are the same


the following project have a tag “0.9.0” and a branch “0.9.0” - but its not the same!
Now GitHub is always switching to the branch if i select the tag with the same branch name from menu.

I checked your repository, and yes that’s indeed a problem, especially since the branch and the tag don’t even point to the same commit.

I also noticed that the 0.9.0 links shown in the Tags tab is clearly a branch link, since it shows the default label; so the problem is not just in the link resolution but probably in how the HTML is generated for those tabs.

Since the URL scheme to which these links point to don’t distinguish between branches and tags, but they all point to commits, I wonder if this issue can even be resolved. But I’m curious to see how this unfolds, because having to avoid naming tags as branches is somehow limiting.