GitHub is not syncing with my Xcode files

I am using Xcode and have uploaded a project I am currently working on at a GitHub repository I created. I have also downloaded the GitHub Desktop application.

The problem is, when I open the repository through GitHub Desktop and do some changes on the project mentioned above through Xcode, the changes do not sync with the repository. To elaborate, when I change the README file, on the left side of the app appears the change I made, below that a box to give the change a name and an optional description and then a button to submit my changes turns on. Nothing of that happens when the change is made directly through Xcode.

I am very sorry if this is a silly question, but I am just now starting to learn how to use Git.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @VaiosChr! :wave: Welcome to the Community!

There is a very steep learning curve when first starting to use Git!

It sounds like you want to be able to make commits (that’s what it’s called when you give your changes a name and description and submit them) from directly inside Xcode?

This third party article explains how you can do that!

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