Github is extremely hard

Hi, here is a fact: github is crucial when it comes to being a successful person.
Here is another fact: github is extremely hard to comprehend.
I watched lots of youtube videos, I read the guides.
I still don’t understand anything.
This is so hard.
What should I do? I need to understand github, it’s important!

You only need to try, to use, gradually be familiar with most features.

That is not a fact, that is subjective.

GitHub itself provides many resources, inlcuding the comprehensive docs and the learning Lab:

Those 2 sources helped a lot of developers to get started with GitHub. If you have starting issues, then don’t blame GitHub or others. You can suggest changes to those sources if you think that those are unclear. Some people just need longer to learn something and that’s totally fine. So don’t worry about it.

I can also recommend you the official git book, to get the basics: Git - Book

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