GitHub is Automatically adding custom domain

My github pages are getting custom domains automatically.

I want to get rid of custom domain and use the default one provided by GitHub pages.

Hi @engineer-athul :wave:

Could you please provide the links to the GitHub Pages repositories that this is happening on?

A little more info that may be helpful here.

Custom domains are added to your Pages site using a 301 redirect from your * address. This type of redirect is aggressively cached by the browser, sometimes sticking around forever. Good news is it should go away if you empty your browsers cache and force reload the page.

Taking a look I see that you were using the custom domain with your GitHub Pages User Site in the dev-athul/ repository.

A GitHub Pages User Site is one where the repository is named, which in your case is When using a custom domain with a GitHub Pages User Site, a feature is that the custom domain is automatically inherited by all of your other GitHub Pages sites. Further information about this can be found in the following documentation:

If you do not like this behavior, and do not want your custom domain to be inherited by all of your other GitHub Pages sites the solution is simple; you just need to change the name of your repository from to anything else. After doing so the custom domain used in that repository will not longer be used for your other GitHub Pages sites.