pages not linking through properly

I create documentation using Doxygen from my code and it gets loaded into a docs directory of my repositories for online viewing. It all works ok except for one section where the files will not show (Error 404). The same html help files work fine on my local computer where they are generated.

An example is Clicking on any of the file names listed on this page results in an error finding the file.

Any ideas on what what could be wrong would be gratefully accepted as I have no idea where to start with this.

Hello @MajicDesigns, welcome to the GitHub Support Community!

I believe the issue is that the file names begin with underscores. It’s actually a conflict with Jekyll. If you’re not using Jekyll to build your GitHub pages, adding a file named .nojekyll to the docs folder should resolve the issue.

More info:

Yes, that fixed the problem. Thanks.

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