Github Insights tabs not loading, please fix or tell me what I'm doing wrong?

I looked through multiple of my repositories, and spoke to an acquaintance about this, they had the same problem. When I click on the insights tab of the repository, and within insights, I click on “Contributors”, “Commits”, or “Code Frequency”, none of them finish loading. I’m stuck on a loading screen, and I tried it last night, I was stuck for 20 minutes and it didn’t even finish loading. I just gave up and closed it.

Is there a server issue? A bug? I don’t know, but just thought I would alert people on this problem that I’ve been having, and an acquaintance has had it too.


Do you have a repo that you can share where this happens? If you do, we can take a deeper look. If it is a private repository, you can contact private support at and they can investigate.

Let us know.


Sorry to revive an old post but I have the same problem on my Midi4J repo.

Clicking on “Insights” “Contributors”, “Commits” or “Code Frequency” and waiting for more than an hour, nothing shows up ever other than the spinning Github logo and the “Crunching the latest data, just for you. Hang tight” message.

Please advise!

Thank you.

Me Too I face this issue with our Company Private Repositories.

Hi Lee,

I have the same issue described here on my repository

The size of it as yu can see is really small, just one Python script and a a couple of text files.
May you please help?
Kind regards ,
Marco - Stocktrader

Well this is now working faultlessly for me :smiley: I hope this is the same for you @mszeu and @ajugarit.

A big thank you to anyone involved in solving this issue - very greatly appreciated!