GitHub information is not visible on Google search Engine

Today I search my GitHub page in Google Chrome and Firefox (through Google search) and for the first time, it says no information is available. I read on the internet it is the Robots.txt file. I follow Google advice at and download the file checker and it is telling me to upload my file to

However, I do not see any place to upload my file (I do not know it is due to do permission, or I cannot find out how to upload my file there).

I tried to edit the meta tag in HTML but it did not work.

This problem exists only in Google search as Yahoo and Bing will not create any issues.

This is an example of what I get when I search for my GitHub page.

I would like to know if anyone can help me to fix this issue since it only happened this morning.

Hi @manitadayon, welcome to the GitHub community :sparkle:

I’m afraid we have no control over what Google indexes and caches, so you would need to consult them for further information. You may be able to find some starting info here:

I hope this helps!